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RSI will be exhibiting at Enterprise Connect 2024

 Enterprise Connect 2024 is quickly approaching! You don't want to miss this event!What is Enterprise Connect?  (more)...


RingCentral MVP coupled with Shadow Agent. CX Features without CX!

 Affordable, innovative solutions to enhance efficiency and elevate the overall customer experience. RingCentral MVP Call Queues coupled with Shadow Agent by RSI is a powerful scalable alternative to upgrading to more complex and expensive call center solutions. The integration brings together various communication channels into a unified platform, simplifying the agent's workflow and ensuring a consistent and seamless experience for customers. The valuable live and historical data analytics and reporting features empower businesses to gain deep insights into customer interactions, agent performance, and overall support metrics, enabling strategic decision-making for continuous improvement. Shadow Agent builds upon the existing integrations and core functionality of an established RingCentral MVP platform.  Many features such as disposition codes,  leaderboards, enhanced heads up display,  real time agent performance, service levels,  AI transcription, call queue call back,  VIP call (more)...


Why Collaboration Management is More Important Than Ever

 The ever-changing collaboration sector continues to enable people to stay interconnected while working from anywhere on any device. The global pandemic has catalyzed an already upward trend. “A recent article by Erik Brynjolfsson et al. estimates that 31 percent of workers -- in the United States -- who were employed in early March had switched to working at home by the first week of April. Even when stay-at-home orders are relaxed, many workers may continue working at home until the pandemic is fully contained” (US Bureau of Labor Statistics).   Here are some important reasons why collaboration management systems are more important than ever.Employee ProductivityAs a by-product, remote workers are saving time on commuting, improving their work-life balance, and working in comfortable clothes. However, employers are facing several challenges managing remotely. Unable to access office systems, (more)...