Shadow Spaces Cloud Collaboration Management analytics for Cisco Spark

creates actionable business intelligence about your collaboration spaces.

Empower key decision makers with granular
Cisco Spark collaboration insights


Accelerate your digital transformation to Cisco Spark by measuring and monitoring participant behavior patterns.


Ensure successful progression of business objectives by examining participation in teams or spaces.


Maintain a clutter free Cisco Spark by highlighting file uploads, bot activity and dormant spaces that can be removed.

Manage the health of your Cisco Spark ecosystem from anywhere on any device!

What is collaboration?

Collaboration is communication between two or more participants connected from anywhere, anytime to share ideas, build consensus, establish direction, and/or accomplish a specified goal.

Why is collaboration management vital to your business?

Employees spend over two thirds of their time connecting and collaborating*

Nearly 15% of employee work time is lost due to insufficient communication*

Roughly $11,000.00 is lost per employee, per year due to ineffective communication*

Almost 1.9 billion people or 43% of the global workforce will be working remotely by 2022.

Many will be using Cisco Spark cloud collaboration spaces.

Measure, monitor and manage your Cisco Spark collaboration spaces using RSI Shadow Spaces Cloud Collaboration Management.