Communication Analytics Solutions for Every Enterprise

Proactively monitor, measure and manage your communication ecosystem using our scalable analytics solutions for call accounting,call queue dashboards, call recordings, SMS, video and team messaging.

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Business insights for popular unified communication and team collaboration providers.


Communication is Your Business Lifeline

RSI all-in-one collaboration management solutions help you ensure your entire ecosystem is functioning at peak performance through systematic monitoring and analysis of your communication activity.

  • User Adoption
  • Customer Experience
  • Communication Spend
  • Employee Productivity
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Emergency Notification
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Training & Monitoring

Our Shadow All In One Analytics portfolio offers better business insights, leading to better decisions and ultimately better outcomes.

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Why is communication management vital to your business?

Employees spend over two thirds of their time connecting and collaborating

Nearly 15% of employee work time is lost due to insufficient communication

Roughly $11,000.00 is lost per employee, per year due to ineffective communication


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